Trained in Nursing at Beaumont Hospital Dublin, Ireland’s Centre of Excellence for Neuroscience, I went on to get my Honours Degree in Health Studies from London’s Royal College of Nursing, and my Master’s in Occupational Health. 

Some would say that makes me a fairly unlikely business owner but from very early in my career, I knew I wanted to design and have absolute control over my own life. I wanted to be able create a life that was the way I wanted it to be, not what the profession had mapped out for me and I wanted to use my two areas of passion to do that, the area of Health and the areas of Empowering, Motivating and Inspiring People.

The keys to my success have been Mindset Strength, Laser Focus and Relentless Determination and Persistence, and this led me to setting up Healthforce in 2004 which offered health and wellbeing services to employees within all types and sizes of organisations. I acquired the company Employee Health in 2012 which allowed me to expand hugely and The Healthforce Group was sold in 2015. I say to all my clients, “EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE”, If I can do it, you can do it, anyone can. You just need the right tools and the right Mindset.









With no formal “business education” and no formal business experience, prior to starting Healthforce, I began studying self-development and mindset strategies like a science. I was fascinated by why some people achieve phenomenal success with any goals they set whilst others never get over the starting line, or if they do, they barely make it to the finish line or they make it there, disillusioned and worn out. This is not how it should be or how it has to be. I’ve now turned this into a business that allows me to help people live happier, more fulfilling, healthier abundant lives.

I am an intensely growth- and goal-oriented person who is passionate about helping others get from where they are to where want to be, and through my coaching and development programs, I help individuals and companies to Think Into Results. I am a Consultant with the Proctor Gallagher Institute and facilitate a number of their programs. Bob Proctor is studying and coaching in this material for 60 years and in that time has been helping people create the life they want to fulfil their dreams.

Your mind is the #1 tool you need to create the business and/or the life you want, and my 6-month coaching program will help you transform your mindset and transform your life in 12 Steps. I am evidence that this scientific process works, it worked for me and it will work for you too! 

I help individuals and teams create a mindset that allows them to Think Into Results. My in-depth 6-month program gives them the power and the tools to master their mindset, create the right strategy and elevate themselves to a new level of success in all areas of their lives. The program consists of 12 modules done over 6 months with each module building on each other to ensure lasting mindset change that allows the participants to reprogram their mind and change their results for guaranteed, sustainable success.

Would you like more Success, more Fulfilment, more Passion, and More Freedom? With the rigorous application of these principles along with my coaching, you will experience incredible results in all areas of your life.